Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BoilerplateJS is out!

After several of months of hard work, BoilerplateJS - "The Javascript reference architecture" is finally out in public. We created the website, samples and some documentation ready for someone to start boiling complex code with Javascript. 

BoilerplateJS is created to make complex applications possible with Javascript + HTML5. It is not just another utility library solving a single concern such as MVC or Routing, but a solid reference architecture demostrating the patterns and concepts in dealing with complex Javascript projects.

Don't misinterpret. We are not reinventing concerns such as DOM manipulation, MVC, Routing, etc. Use your favorite JS libraries to work on those. BoilerplateJS demonstrates the best practices for integrating your favourite utility libraries in to a robust scalable product architecture.

Few things BoilerplateJS will assist to deal with are:
  • Structuring your solution 
  • JS script dependency management 
  • OO programming with JS 
  • Building a modular product suit 
  • Routing, browser history, book marking 
  • Unit testing 
  • JS optimization, obfuscation
  • Document generation 
  • Localization 
  • UI theming and more... 
Have a look at and let me know what you think about it! We are working on complete documentation + training videos which will be out soon. A big thank for my team Asanka, Himeshi & Janith who work as interns at 99X Technology.


Anonymous said...

Hi,boilerplate.js looks really interesting, since i use backbone and backbone.marionette in my projects, i will be grateful if you can provide some example, or point me to example, combining boilerplate.js and backbone. thanks

Hasith Yaggahavita said...

I have answered this question at: On BoilerplateJS, can I use Backbonejs MVC instead of the default shipped Knockoutjs MVVM

Varun said...

Hello Hasith,

You did a great job with Boiler Plate, Thanks!

What happened with the community these days, we just can't see any activity.

We want to actually use BoilerPlate in our project. What kind of support can we expect?