Monday, June 11, 2012

Leadership is not about winning every battle

A team is formed... goals are set… competition just begins... a member makes a wrong move… penalty costs apply… at the start, team is already being behind the competition…
Leader A thinking: I need the glory of winning every battle. I made my first move right, but he couldn't… we lost points.. I'm hurt… I will do everything possible for him to feel paying for it… and I need everyone to know if we lose, we lose because of him, not me… I need my battle glory !
Leader B thinking: Yes, we lost our first battle.. but more important is to win the war... learn from the mistake… keep the team together.. appreciate to gain back the lost team spirit… value differences and use for fightback… finally what matter most is not if we 'win the war', but if we are 'proud of the fight we put together' !
I’d prefer ‘fighting under leader B’ to ‘winning under leader A’ !

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