Saturday, October 09, 2010

All you are told about 'soft skills' is bullshit

Think for a minute... over the past years, what are the skills you wanted to improve to be successful in your job? Let it be the advices from mentors, appraisal results, manager feedback or any other, I can guarantee 90% ends up at soft skill improvements.

Is that what will take you there? Unfortunate truth is that the most of the ‘soft skill’ hype is actually made by the training institutes to get a better share of your organizations training budget. Think rationally. If you are to promote your subordinate to take over your position, what is the most important skill you look for?

It is not some soft skill... but it is obviously ‘how dependable the person in delivering what you have delivered so far’. This is the truth most of the employees fail to understand. Look around the industry.. how many brilliant minds get beaten by average minds in job promotions. Many think organizations are unfair when that happens, but always there is a reason behind. You promote the one who is most dependable in the given delivery responsibilities but not the one with greatest abilities. The reason is.. the one who is dependable knows/finds what is takes (including technical skills what he doesn't know + soft skills what he doesn’t have) to achieve the goals. He/she will ensure those are smoothly available to achieve the deliveries as planned.

That is management. Where did that all begun? At soft skills? Not really... All begins at taking responsibility of deliveries. If you are a beginner, start with the task level. If you work on a task, take the responsibility that the feature is delivered to the release. Do not wait for someone in the team to come around and ensure your task is integrated with other tasks to make the feature integrated in to the release. Similarly take the delivery responsibility of what ever you encounter with.

Finally here is the golden rule of promotions. When you promote some one, he should be the one, to whom if a work is given, you can close your eyes and be guaranteed to get the work be delivered!

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