Monday, October 20, 2008

Back on Firefox!!!

I was fascinated when I first saw Google Chrome few months back. I fall in love with the non-disturbing browsing experience and willing to compromise the convenience of my Firefox extensions. I continued using Firefox as a programming tool but Chrome was the home for my internet ever since Chrome was released.

It was a tough decision when i decided to fall back to Firefox today. I tried reinstalling twice (despite several installer crashes) to see if I can continue Chrome use but without much luck. My major user experience blow was when Chrome refused to visit some web pages.

I started getting " This webpage is not available " message for some
sites such as YouTube (where all other browsers can access YouTube
without a problem).I couldn't view pdf documents when Chrome throws " This file cannot be found " error. I know Chrome is very much in beta and I will for sure recheck once a stable release is out.

Mean while I would love if Google can re-think on the following. I agree that it is a great idea to have a single process per tab. It provides greater processing power and isolation required by tomorrows complex web applications. But when it comes to simple browsing, having dozens of pages open becomes a resource overkill. If google can come up with a user friendly switch for advanced users to decide between the options, it can help heavy googlers like me.

I have reported most of other issues, enhancements to google and hope to see a much stable version soon. 


Indika Rathnasekara said...

I am really surprised with the post and tried the "" in Chrome today but I had no issues what so ever.

Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out why this is happening.

Anonymous said...

I was not using Google Chrome much, but I felt it's having huge downgrade while not having proper progress indicator with it. Users are not having way to get idea of progress of request on subject quantity wise.

Hasith Yaggahavita said...

I'm sure that YouTube issue is just an isolated compatibility issue of my environment. But it means that I can't access YouTube which enough for me to giveup!