Monday, January 07, 2008

Eurocenter BI Framework White Paper

We at Eurocenter were working hard to build few middleware frameworks throughout the past year. One of the most popular is 'Eurocenter Business Intelligence - ECBI' framework. We already have few customers using ECBI framework and are expecting to get in to the market strongly this year.

I was writing a product white paper on our ECBI framework during last week (Thanks Uchitha and Samudra for reviews). I thought of sharing the first draft through my blog. You can access the full draft here. Following is the introductory chapter of the white paper.
Challenge for Today’s Business Intelligence
Historically business intelligence was considered as a largely manual, back office work performed by high tech professionals. Data from different sources was periodically integrated in to a set of defined reports and forwarded to business users for their decision making.
Due to the ever increasing competition, the business world has demanded the technology to deliver much dynamic information for faster/better decision making. Over last 5 years business intelligence feature set had rapidly grown and the definition of business intelligence shifted to mean much more front office related activities by the information end users. During the period, numerous products appeared in the industry delivering lot of advanced and sophisticated features.
Although these products empowered users to make better decisions, most of the business intelligence products have unfortunately ignored an important fact. That is, ‘80 percent of the information users in a typical organization are often non-technical decision makers’. The complications introduced by the advanced feature set make these products to be overly difficult for end decision makers. According to our observations, it is only less than 20 percent of the available features are effectively used by business users in day-today decision making.
Evidently, the well-known 80-20 rule has a negative struck on the business intelligence product domain too. Overcoming this problem is becoming one of the most important challenges for BI products today. We believe that the business intelligence industry is now at its next maturity transition which can take the products to focus on ‘effective features’ by getting out of ‘features chaos’.
Proper channeling of right features to right users for right decision making is what is expected from the next generation business intelligence products. As a result, organizations are on the lookout for simpler and more focused BI products from the marketplace today.

Note: Credit for building this fantastic framework should go to Eurocenter BI Team lead by Samudra (Samudra, Ravith, Hiran, Eranga, Prashanthan, Vindya, Prasad, Janith, Lalinda, Rajive, Sandrina).

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