Saturday, June 30, 2007

Selling or Consulting?

Today is the last day of my 7 day visit to Norway for meeting 4 of our customers. We have managed to successfully conclude every meeting resulting a new project to us :). We were mainly focusing on presenting our new reporting and business-intelligence(BI) frameworks to the prospective customers.

In one of the meetings I learnt one important lessons for my career.

We met a customer who has already purchased one of the world's leading BI tools. Even though our BI framework was better in terms of simplicity, portal features and return on investment; the product our customer has purchased had lot more features and power. Anyway we were able to convince the value addition of our tool making it difficult for him to take a decision on whether to buy our tool or to continue with what he purchased.

But for me I was feeling uncomfortable as I actually believed that it makes his systems complicated if he buys our tool, as he has already purchased a tool for his organization. I step out of my sales mode and informed him that I honestly think that he should not buy our tool but should stick to what ever he already purchased. I also presented some new cool products that are recently released by that BI product company.

Even my colleague was bit surprised to see me doing that. But that resulted a very open discussion as trust level has well improved. He wanted us to start working on a data warehousing solution for his company which will be a much bigger project compared to BI implementation. We have opened up a new business direction for our company as data warehousing seems to be promising with possible "Data Explosions" in the industry. I ended up as a happy techie since I think that was the correct thing to do to advice him not to buy out tool.

This incident opened my mind to think between "Selling" and "Consultancy".

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Unknown said...

What u experienced is very true! Being honest with what u feel is rewarding in more than one way, although u might have short term losts in some instances.

I'm looking forward to being involved in the new challenges waiting for us in this new area of data warehousing...