Saturday, April 21, 2007

Success in your Organization

Being successful in their organization is every employee’s dream. There are few advices I normally provide to the juniors coming in to leadership roles in our organization. For me these qualities have helped a lot during my carrier.
  • Believe the organization: If you are hoping to be in the core team of your organization, then you must have a good trust towards the organization. If your heart does not trust the organization, then you are not in the correct place to act a leadership role. Either you give up being a leader or update your CV. When I mean trusting that doesn’t mean you should agree to every action your organization takes. But you should be certain that the organization’s acts are genuine and done with a good will.
  • Plan to grow with the organization: There is common mistake I see from most of the youngsters. They plan their growth decoupled from the organization’s growth. My advice is that you should contribute the organization to grow then normally you grow in a much better rate within the organization.
  • It is not the technical things that matters most: Many of my employees I see running behind the technologies blindly. But in my experience, the one who climb the ladder is not the best techie, but the one who is the most valuable in his context. For an example look at a team whose responsibility is to deliver a project. The one, who builds the team spirit, help others, takes responsibility, troubles less and make the delivery to happen is the most valuable one and will be given the best promotion. So never fall back if someone is more technical than you are! Technology is not the key to success.
  • Build and trust your second level: If you do not build your second level to take over from you, you will never be promoted, because no one is there to do your job. You have to start delegating your work as much as possible. You may not get the quality you expect at first, but close one eye and continue delegating. After sometime they will start performing better that you. Let your management style to be delegate-train-review.
  • Manage frustrations: As a leader never discuss or communicate your frustrations to your team. Bring up frustrations you have to your superior but not to the team. Also solve your team’s frustrations as soon as possible if any. I have seen leaders failing just because they spread their frustration to the team and then end up with a highly de-motivated team which doesn’t perform.
  • Never challenge other’s ego: There are times you need to put your foot down and be hard on your team. In such situations always go by logics and facts, never challenge the others ego. For an example if you say “How many times I have told you this? Why can’t you grasp this simple concept?” that may hurt the listeners ego. Instead you may explain the bad consequences of him not listening to you well and help him to improve the situation.
  • Argue but don’t fight: From my view point, the difference between a fight and an argument is how you conclude the discussion. If both of you end the conversation with respecting each other that will be an argument. But if any of you are hurt at the end of the conversation, then that is a fight. The good news is even if you fight with someone still you can end it as an argument before you finish with it.
  • Identify your greatest asset: Some of the leaders are afraid of their subordinates who are smarter than themselves. But they are the greatest assets you can use to climb your ladder. You may effortlessly get them to play your role and start acting at one level above your current role. This is the easiest way to grow. Never be afraid to hand over your current role to a smarter one in your team, because that is the best thing that can happen to an effective leader.

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While I agree with you, I completely agree with point 2 :-)